About us

Green Motion Technologies was established in 2010 as a spin-off company from Delft University of Technology with the primary goal to develop innovative sustainable technologies.

The company started with a Wave Energy Project in 2010, that received funding from both government and investors. One year later the company started two new projects, that were aimed at bringing new standards to their industry and market. The first focuses on hydrogen injection in internal combustion engines, to create a better and cleaner combustion process. The second aims at changing gear geometries for an optimized mechanical energy conversion.  

Our team consists of scientists and business developers, that develop and commercialise the company's technologies. The knowledge, experience and discipline that this team has, gives the company its strength to fulfill its mission statement:

"Developing technical innovations that provide companies new values in their supply chain and/or end-products by optimization or additional designs of technologies."

 We develop innovative sustainable technologies

We develop innovative sustainable technologies