Green Motion Hybrids

Green Motion Hybrids is a research and development program that aims to create a suitable hydrogen hybrid system for internal combustion engines (ICE's).


Hydrogen gas is an attractive fuel for combustion engines. But due to large amounts of energy needed for production, using the hydrogen as small hybrid injections in the ICE's is a more attractive alternative. Through this, a better combustion process of the gasoline, diesel or natural gas, can take place and fuel consumption and emission gases are reduced significantly. This can run up to 15%.  


The project started with a feasibility study in 2011 and was tested with multiple prototypes. An extensive report on the effects of hydrogen addition in ICE's was written in 2012 together with a design report on water electrolysis processes. GMT closed the project due to a lack of development funding in 2012 and has fully focused on the Innovative Gear Designs project.