We design and engineer the most efficient and strong gears for any industry. We help clients in their mission to develop the best gears. 


Gear design 

We help your engineers with designing the best gear for any application. By finding the best design spaces for all critical parameters and coefficients in gear geometry, we can design and optimize your gear for any goal. Wether it's efficiency, strength, noise or lubrication, we will calculate the best parameters for your gears. 

Gear production

We assist and advice you in your gear production proces, by finding and analyzing critical points: we detect and solve grinding burns, analyse and optimize filtration and coolant supply systems and resolve any thermal defects. We optimize your production proces and quality control. 


Gear Technologies

We advice and apply new gear technologies for your product and production proces: the newest developments in 3D printing, electrical chemical machining, high-precision forging, barkhausen noise analysis technologies and many others. We have partnered with the best machine and technology suppliers to provide the best solutions.